Our Volunteer Crew

Volunteers are the glue that keeps an organization like ours together. They offer expertise, teamwork, friendship, and the desire to work for nothing in return. They have the ability to see the difference they can make in preserving history, even if only in small increments of their time. Their investment adds up to hours and hours of valuable service, a priceless contribution to an endeavor that affects the world around us.

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Rick Rybarczyk – Director of Aircraft Maintenance

Volunteer_RickRick is retired from the U.S.M.C with an extensive military aircraft and helicopter maintenance back ground. He later worked on helicopters as a civilian. He currently is a shift supervisor at General Atomics which builds the famous Predator UAV’s. His love of aviation and community sprit brings him to the museum to help restore and maintain its fleet of aircraft and helicopters. He has his A&P license and manages the helicopter maintenace program and supervises other volunteers. He also flies as the museum’s flight mechanic.

Scott Donnell – Maintenance / Research / Displays

Volunteer_scottnellisScott grew up a Navy buff, but after attending an airshow at Miramar, he fell in love with aircraft. He first volunteered for 10 years at the March Field Air Museum, not only working on the aircraft, but also participated in the management of the museum. His all time favorite aircraft is the F-4 Phantom. He recently joined this museum, bringing with him his research abilities, maintenance skills and experience in display building. He also flies as a crewman on the helicopters for events. His vision for the museum and patriotism is a genuine asset to the museum. Scott is an Estimates and Contracting Superintendent at the University of Cal. Riverside.

Van Ferry – Aircraft Maintenance

Volunteer_vanVan discovered the museum with an invitation to the PBS film shoot we had in Mar 06. Van is a Vietnam veteran with the Huey and has 9 lives-he survived three Huey crashes in Vietnam-two of them due to pilot error and were moderate wrecks-one on the other hand was very severe-they were shot down by an RPG. He miraculously walked away from it even while talking enemy gun fire-luckily his other crew members were injured but also survived. He was was in the 121st AHC in Vietnam. He now volunteers his time to help keep our Huey’s safely in the air and flies as Crew Chief.

Steve Roberts – Aircraft Maintenance

Volunteer_steverobertsSteve “found” the museum at the Riverside Airshow in 2007. Steve is a Vietnam Veteran and former Huey crew chief. When he met Van at the airshow, they discovered they were both in the 121st AHC at the same time but in different platoons! They even have pictures of each others Hueys. Steve now volunteers at the museum and the two of them often share stories of their time in combat. he also flies as Crew Chief.

Frank Tresenrider – Aircraft Maintenance

Volunteer_frankFrank is a Vietnam Veteran with the Huey helicopter. He was a gunner and crew chief on Huey’s in the 17th AHC Kingsmen. His knowledge of the Huey is a valuable asset to the museum. With his passion for the aircraft and the museum, he is a great contributor. Frank is living history and makes the Huey come alive. He also flies as a Crew Chief.

Bill Rutledge – Crew Member

Volunteer_BillSenior Chief with over 20 years of service. He served 3 tours in Vietnam with the HAL-3 Seawolves, racking up over 1600 combat hours as a Huey gunner. His patriotism and love of aviation are an inspiration to all and when flying in the Huey, he brings history to life. He is a walking book of knowledge about the Vietnam War and adds tremendously to the museum.

Pat Crutcher – Aircraft Maintenance

Volunteer_PatCrutcherPat is currently serving in the USMC Reserves at Camp Pendleton. He works full time for Sykorsky Helicopters at NAS North Island. He has extensive airframe rebuild and repair knowledge. He has contributed greatly to the huey and the museum.


Andy Yancey – Aircraft Maintenance

Volunteer_andyAndy is a Vietnam Veteran avionics tech. His many skills fit in with the museum volunteering in all kinds of tasks and events.



Roxane Bond – Aircraft Maintenance

RoxaneRoxane worked alongside Shayne Meder at March Field Air Museum, where she learned how to prep and paint aircraft.  With her thirst for knowledge and growing interest in aviation, she has demonstrated the ability and passion to learn about aircraft maintenance and flying. After attending Valley College in San Bernadino, Roxane now has her A&P license. We are all proud of her outstanding accomplishments.

Pete Miranda – Aircraft Maintenance

PetePete is a US Army veteran who served in Vietnam.




Walt Frazier – Aircraft Maintenance

Walt retired as a US Navy Senior Chief, and he served with HAL 3 Seawolves as a door gunner during the Vietnam War.