Our Volunteer Pilots

Obviously, the most important volunteers are our pilots. Without them, our helicopters would not fly! All of our pilots were or still are flying with the US Army. All pilots are under the direction of the Executive Director and Chief Pilot Pat Rodgers.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us today!

Carl Allen

Volunteer_CarlCarl is a retied US Army Lt Col with extensive flight hours in several different helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. He currently works for the FAA in San Diego. Carl mainly flies the museum’s UH-1 Huey, but is also qualified in the OH-58.

Tom Woehl

Volunteer_TomWoehlTom served in Vietnam as a UH-1 Huey pilot flying several combat missions earning him the Distuingished Flying Cross for heroism. He later made a career as a Air Traffic Controller at LAX while continuing to fly helicopters. He mainly flies the OH-58 but is well qualified in the Huey as well.

John Harris

Volunteer_JohnHJohn still serves as a CW5 in the US Army. He served in Vietnam and almost every conflict since. He has flown/still flies the UH-1 Huey, OH-58, and AH-1 Cobra. He has over 8,000 hours in helicopters. He also flies for Santa Barbara County Fire and US Forest Service. He flies both the museums OH-58 and Huey.

Randy Zahn

Volunteer_RandyRandy was an AH-1 Cobra pilot in Vietnam with the famous 1st of the 9th Air Cav. He has flown over 40 different types of aircraft and helicopters. He currently flies for Corporate Helicopters in San Diego. He flies the museums UH-1 Huey.